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PC CPUs are getting more interesting, and competition is coming

Why it matters: Five years ago there were only two companies that made CPUs, today there are a dozen. Most of the new entrants went after the big, profitable data center market, but now competitors are coming for PCs. Nvidia and AMD are reportedly preparing Arm-based CPUs for PCs. With Microsoft opening up the market for Arm laptop CPUs, this spells bad news for Qualcomm today, and potentially bad news for Intel over the very long term.
sifive risc arm cpu chip opinion risc-v

What's going on with SiFive and RISC V?

Why it matters: RISC V pioneer SiFive has gone through several iterations, but has now solidified a business model that essentially positions it as a direct competitor to Arm. If they can continue to execute they will benefit from much of the very healthy RISC V momentum.
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