Using your PC for work and play is great, but no matter if you're doing basic tasks or managing a business, sooner or later you will need a productivity suite to write, proofread, make some calculations, or create a presentation. Word, Excel, PowerPoint are industry standards but paying an Office 365 subscription may not be in your immediate plans.

So how about grabbing Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for just $59, which includes all the essentials like Word and Excel, in addition to Outlook, Access, Publisher, and OneNote. That's over 85% off the regular price for a standalone license, and it's available for Windows and macOS, too.

This is a one-time purchase, which means no subscriptions or recurring fees. You will receive instant access to your Office software license key to download and install.

The most recent revisions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint include real-time co-authoring and collaboration from within the apps (an advantage to using browser-based tools), in addition to several new features and a modern UI that offers high DPI support and dark mode.

There are decent free options available like LibreOffice and FreeOffice, but Microsoft's suite remains the most robust, feature-packed, and good looking for the job. Buying an Office license outright is the perfect alternative to paying recurring fees on a subscription. Granted, Office 365 adds more online features, but if you simply want the best Office apps, this one-time purchase at a hefty discount is a no-brainer.

Work faster by using macros to automate tasks in Word, and discover tips & shortcuts to improve your PowerPoint efficiency, dive into making a presentation flow with charts, graphs and tables. Microsoft Excel may just be one of the most useful tools ever created. Familiarize yourself with popular formulas and how to combine them to navigate and automate much of your office work.

Boost your productivity with Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for just $59, available for Windows or Mac. Your software license keys are made available instantly for you to download and install Office 2021.