What just happened? In addition to releasing the open-source code for some of its generative AI models, Stability AI offers "enterprise-grade" APIs and image generation tools for professionals. The company also recently announced the latest enhancements for its paying customers and the APIs themselves.

Stability AI has shared the latest updates to its generative AI business, introducing new capabilities for tools aimed at fostering creativity and to help "bring ideas to life." These enhancements primarily target the commercial side of the company that developed Stable Diffusion, requiring potential customers to apply for a proper license to access most of the new features.

One notable addition to Stability AI's portfolio is Sky Replacer, a new tool designed to replace the sky's "color and aesthetic" in a user's photo with a choice of nine alternative looks. While Sky Replacer is available to everyone, Stability AI has stated that it was developed with specific industries like real estate in mind. Realtors and professionals now have a powerful tool to enhance their listings and present properties in the best possible (though AI-enhanced) conditions.

Sky Replacer is part of a collection of generative and modding tools already accessible to consumers. These tools serve as an effective showcase of the impressive capabilities and user-friendliness of generative AI. They can create multiple image variations (via Stable Diffusion), remove objects from photos, upscale images, and eliminate text from any image. All of these tasks can be performed with a straightforward interface, eliminating the need for "extensive training."

The most prominent feature previewed by Stability AI is Stable 3D, an automated process for generating "concept-quality," textured 3D objects by selecting a starting image or providing a text prompt. Content creation in the realm of 3D is a considerable challenge for the creative industry, according to Stability AI, given that crafting a "moderately complex 3D object" can take hours or even days.

With Stable 3D, the company asserts that even a "non-expert" can produce a draft-quality 3D model within minutes. Objects created using this new tool are exported in the ".obj" standard file format, making it possible to edit them later in a dedicated 3D software (e.g., Blender, Maya) and eventually import them into a production-ready game engine such as Unreal Engine 5.

Stability AI is also unveiling a preview of Stable FineTuning, a "long-awaited" service for rapidly fine-tuning images, objects, and styles. With FineTuning, clients can customize images and effortlessly incorporate landscapes, avatars, or other creations. The tool holds significant value for professionals in the entertainment, gaming, advertising, and marketing sectors, Stability AI noted.

Lastly, the AI company has announced the integration of Content Credentials and "invisible watermarking" for content generated through its official API. Stability AI appears to be committed to enhancing transparency in AI-generated content.